6 reasons why your Self Care is essential for sustainability. 

If you haven’t nailed self-care it’s time you did.

I don’t mean this lightly, and I make no apologies. I strongly believe that self care is where sustainability begins. It’s time we all started to look after ourselves first and well.

Sure, sure. There’s a million reasons why you don’t:

There’s never enough time. Maybe you see self-care as selfish. Or you just find it hard to prioritise yourself and your needs ahead of others.

But the crux of the matter is that any reasons you tell yourself that your self care isn’t important are simply not true.

This is why YOUR self care is a must:

  1. You’ve got to have strong roots:

    Picture the scene – you’ve had plenty of sleep and you got out early for a cheeky yoga session. It’s 9am! Just like anything that’s strong in nature you’ve grown good roots on a day like that. You start the day nourished, filled up, with your oxygen mask on. Whatever metaphor works for you they all mean the same thing. You’ve looked after yourself and the commodity that it you. You can’t do anything without this as a starting point.

  2. Self Care increases capacity:

    And that’s essential because…it creates capacity. Taking time out for you might seem counter-intuitive because you’re so busy. But it’s not. Taking time out means filling the tank which means you have more to give to others. More patience, more energy, more kindness.

  3. You’re more resilient:

    Which leads me to reason 3. You’re more resilient. This is about being proactive, not waiting to burn out or be overwhelmed with stress before you take desperate measures and run away to a deserted island. We talk about resilience in organisations, resilience in supply chains, well this is resilience in YOU. Looking after you first means you get what you need in order to be resilient. And in turn you’re more able to withstand challenges and set-backs.

  4. Because you’re important:

    To be clear. This is absolutely about you. You are doing fantastic work and will continue to do so if you nail self care.

  5. And because your friends and family are important:

    And it’s also about your friends, your family, and even your peers. The rules you make up for yourself are also the rules other people see. So if you believe self care is important, or at the very least a way to avoid burnout, it’s imperative you start living by example. You’ll not only be a better friend / sister / daughter when you make space for yourself because you have more capacity. You’ll also give others permission to look after themselves. You pave the way. For the other women in your team / company / sector you are a role model which means you MUST to stand up for what’s important.

  6. Being of service:

    If we are resilient in ourselves we have a greater capacity for being of service in this world. When we feel well and happy we are WAY more creative, innovative, energetic and enthusiastic, and so our ability to find solutions and be a force for good is increased also.

And finally. You deserve it. This life is precious and beautiful and you deserve to love as many minutes of it as possible. Just because you care about something doesn’t mean you have to be a martyr. In fact I think you’ll be more effective if you aren’t.

Over to you.

How will you put self care back on your agenda?


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