Your full potential

We are only able to create in our lives what we can conceive.

For most of us the chaos and immediacy of the moment to moment means we rarely make time for visioning – for stretching our minds and exploring what extraordinary could look like for us.

And so in turn we never achieve our full potential.

The problem with this is that we spend most of our time unfulfilled, un-stretched, unchallenged and living at 50% of what we’re capable of. In personal terms we settle. In professional terms we tolerate.

For change-makers this is tragic.

There is an incredible, awe-inspiring amount of untapped potential in each of us which accumulatively has world-changing potential. Imagine what good could be achieved – what change could be created – if we all played full out. If we all showed up at 110%. If we were all as ambitious in our dreams as Yusef Malala.

Oprah Winfrey.

Usain Bolt.

I know it’s easy to disregard this. They have achieved so much. But honestly they are just the same as you and me. The only difference is they have conceived of their futures. They know what they want and they have gone for it.

So today’s blog is short. It’s a call to action. And I’m going to hold you to it.

If you want to change what you create you have to change the way you think. And you have to start with making space for possibility.

Your action:

Take 5 minutes. Put on your favourite tune that makes things feel possible. You know the one. And grab a piece of paper. On it ‘dump’ everything you’d love to achieve in your life…

  • All the people you’d LOVE to meet…
  • The businesses you’d love to start…
  • The world problem you want to solve…
  • The places you want to travel to…
  • The real difference you’d love to create…

Don’t self edit here. Don’t make it small. There’s a seed of a dream inside you that is extraordinary. Some of what you write here will feel impossible – these are the gold so make sure you capture them. Allow it to seem far off, unobtainable, SCARY! This is just the start of something really wonderful.

Remember if you can’t conceive it you can’t create it so allow your mind and heart to wonder and play with what you really dream of in your life…


Do you rationally know the value of dreaming and goal setting but find it hard to make the process happen? I’d love to offer you a Strategy Session. Click the link to find out more.

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