What is burnout and why it matters

It’s possible ‘burnout’ has never crossed your mind. If that’s the case then great – good on you. And whatever you are doing to take care of yourself, just keep doing it!

But for most of us the plain and simple fact is that burnout is a thing. You, or someone you know has probably experienced it. And young women and environmentalists are two disproportionately affected groups in our society. Which is why I wanted to write about this topic.

After all, “We need to cultivate as many resources as possible if we are going to address our planet’s challenges. These resources aren’t just external. They are also internal”

So, what is burnout?

I’ll be honest, I’ve experienced something very close to burnout twice in my career. And the thing i remember the most is how insipid that build up of stress and exhaustion can be. Often, it’s not until you are actually burnt out that you can see that something has to change. By which time it’s much harder to get back to a state of equilibrium. But prevention is always the best cure and so let’s start by exploring some of the key symptoms:

  1. Exhaustion – which looks like being totally energyless all the time. A literal sense of being frazzled.
  2. Lack of energy / enthusiasm / motivation – where normally you’re a get up and go sort of person it might feel incredibly difficult to do anything and even less to feel excited about it.
  3. Unusually negative – feeling overwhelmingly negative and pessimistic much more than normal.
  4. Poor health – stress and low mood can contribute to a low immune system. You might find you bounce from one illness to the next.

Over to you:

As a change-maker, what’s important about building resilience for you? What do you specifically do to build your own resilience?

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