The Big Why

Let’s not beat around the bush – you didn’t start your career in sustainability because you wanted to be rich or famous.

My guess would be that you do what you do because you really, deeply, passionately care about people, the natural world, community, equality, and the future. Because you want to make a difference. You want your work to be more than just earning a crust, and you want to make a positive contribution in the process. Right?

So your decision to work in sustainability is based on your values…You definitely didn’t choose the easy road! We both know that the challenges that come with working in this sector are many. And it’s exactly because of the sort of person you are, the challenges you face in creating a fulfilling work and balanced home life, and your vision of a better world, that Sustainable You was born.

Founded at the back end of 2011, Sustainable You is a small but brilliant coaching company set up with the specific aim of supporting women working in the sustainability world in exactly the challenges outlined here.

Sustainable You is all about helping you to have the impact you want at work, and the life you want at home. To help you navigate past the pitfalls of your professional world, and to a place of balance, nourishment, happiness, clarity and fun in your personal. To find out more about how Sustainable You could help you, click here.

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