Nana Guar

Nana Guar

It’s been just over six weeks since my final session with Joey. She probably thinks I forgot about providing feedback on my experience with her, but I haven’t. :-) The truth is, with any coaching support, I think the best measure of success is whether you can use what you’ve learned to achieve what you set out to achieve, even after the sessions end. And six weeks after being left to my own devices, after the hand holding ended, and after life continued to throw challenges my way, I can honestly say that the support and tools I learned from Joey have been hugely beneficial.

Not only am I able to recognise and counter the negative thoughts and doubts  I had about my abilities, but I now have a renewed strength and confidence to go for my big ambitions. I am refocused about what I want to achieve. I’ve learned how to show up for myself and reject those things that don’t serve my goals. I’ve learned how to reclaim my time and my joy.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first started speaking to Joey but her honest and friendly disposition put me at ease straight away. I found it easy to be open and honest with her. Joey has such a kind spirit and at every session I felt like she was a genuinely advocating for my success – whether she was giving feedback that was difficult to hear or empathising with some challenge I was going through. She’s a great listener and strikes the perfect balance between being friendly and professional. What I found  most valuable was the practical advice that I am able to continue applying every day. I appreciate the 6 months of work that we did (and it was work!), and I’m pleased to say it continues to serve me well.

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