Kathryn Tomlinson

Kathryn Tomlinson

I initially approached Joey for coaching because I realised that I had reached a crossroad in my career and that I was looking for change but I was unsure how to make this change happen. There were also a number of aspects in the work that I did, as well as my work set up as an independent consultant and the way that I approached work that were frustrating me and that I wanted to talk through with a professional coach.

Over the period of my coaching sessions with Joey I was able to explore these issues and begin to understand some of the underlying causes of my frustrations. Through Joey’s gentle and patient questions, I started to look at these issues in a different light and understand them from a different perspective, which has been immensely useful in finding practical solutions to some of the things I wanted to change. As a result, I now find myself in a much more positive and exciting place, and I am looking forward to new possibilities ahead in my career. Through her coaching, Joey helped me to come up with my own solutions to some of the challenges I was facing. One of the strengths of Joey’s approach is that she understands how somebody’s sense of fulfilment in their work is also intrinsically tied up with how they feel in other aspects of their life, such as their home life and relationships.

I would highly recommend Joey as a professional coach for people wanting to find practical and concrete solutions to both everyday and bigger work and career issues.

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