Hilden Allgaier

Hilden Allgaier

Working with Joey in the coaching session was very inspiring and stimulating . We connected very well already in the first session!

It was fundamentally important to the success of the sessions to build trust and empathy. I came across Joey’s work while looking for a new job in the UK. With her help I was able to review my personal and professional values in a way that every single decision in terms of putting energy and focusing on something, needed to be firmly connected with who I am, what I recognise as essential to my happiness and what I can/cannot tolerate. Using a very easy approach to my biggest dilemmas, Joey and I worked together to understand and overcome some of my emotional barriers and re-build an integrated, self-confident and more positive perspective. And with that new perspective, I can better managed my time, focusing on the priorities that matter most – while also having fun in what I do!

Overall, her coaching skills surpassed my expectations. I highly recommend Joey to anyone looking for a big or small change in their careers or personal lives, because in the end of the day we put so much of who we are into our work and it becomes very difficult to separate this from personal endeavours.

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