An introduction to slow living

About a week ago, I was sat reading a blog by the ever-fantastic Tad Hargrave. Thanks to him + the slow food movement the next thing that happened was I learnt about the idea of slow living.

It seemed pretty cool to me. [Many days and creative thoughts later] I decided wanted to try it AND I wanted to share it.

If you are always feeling stressed or hurried or both…

If you find yourself rushing from place to place.

If you’d love to feel a little less cluttered. Have a little more space. Be a bit more connected. This might just be for you.

Slow living pretty much does what it says on the tin

It’s all about slowing things down. The exact opposite to anything vaguely speedy for the reason that speed has got us into a bit of trouble + had many negative impacts on our society, environment and us as people (stress, disconnection, poor health, over-consumption – do I need to say more?).

As well as changing the tempo, Slow Living is also about being a different way: enjoying more of what we have + being grateful, being more mindful + healthy, connecting with one another + the natural world, being balanced + happy.

Still a little unsure about what slow living is?

Fast living might be making 3 different sets of plans in one evening all for a limited amount of time. Rushing to get to the next + not fully enjoying where you are because you’ve got one eye on the time. Arriving home exhausted.

Slow living might be making one plan in an evening. Spending quality time with friends. Being able to relax, have fun, engage and connect. Going home when you are tired.

Fast living might be working a 12 hour day + coming home only to sit on a different computer for a further 4 hours to finish the work you didn’t get around to. Missing out on spending time with your family.

Slow living might be working your normal day and then allowing yourself to switch off when you get home. To sit with your family around the table and eat good food. To relax and get some down time.

And loads more to be sure. But the thing I want to write here is that I’m not a pro. I’m coming at this from the angle of “I think it could be fun, I like trying new things. And why not”. And from that place I thought I’d try it on for a while.

Enter the challenge.


As I said, I love the idea. The more I explore it the more I think it has legs. So I’ve decided to try it on for 21 days to see what happens.

And I’d love you to join me.

Service broadcast 2013-12-03 12.57.03interruption: I’m sorry but this challenge ran at the beginning of January 2014 and so is no longer around for participation! But please don’t let this stop you. Here’s some ideas of things you can do differently during your 21 day slow living challenge (or just in a slower life generally):

  •  Forget your computer at the weekend – enjoy the real people around you instead.
  • Try single-tasking. it means being present in what you’re doing. Focussing. Enjoying. Living life in full 3D.
  • Make more time for your family / community / self. What does this look like in your dream world?
  • Spend time in nature / your garden.
  • Learn or grow a hobby, passion or skill (mine was learning more about permaculture)
  • Travel slower – can you walk or cycle to your destinations instead?

Spot getting more than she bargained for on the challenge!In case you need them here’s a few more reasons why it’s worth a go:


  • better relationships
  • less stress
  • increased happiness
  • more connectedness
  • a chance to try new things
  • But Ultimately it’s because you have a choice

And a few more inspiring thoughts

  • What in your life needs more NOURISHMENT?
  • What could you Reduce / Reuse / Repurpose / Recycle?
  • Something to GROW?
  • Something to CREATE?
  • If there was somewhere or something to DISCOVER?
  • Make time to ENHANCE
  • And finally…..just ENJOY!

Ready to play Slow Living?

Just because the Sustainable You challenge has finished doesn’t mean you can’t try it for yourself. Come on over to the community on Facebook, share some ideas and get some inspiration. I really hope to see you there.

PS – Don’t miss out…

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