2 Failsafe tips for when you’re running on empty

Ebbs and flows. As normal as any other part of life that you might stumble upon. But seriously annoying to hit an ebb of energy when you’re at your busiest. Sick, sick irony. God damn.

We all get tired. Some days I bounce out of bed. Others it’s all I can do to roll and flop.

And when I roll and flop I need a strategy for how to get through the day and – more importantly – how to get well again.

How to get back up to that 100% zing n’ bounce. Yee-ha!

Join me for the first ever Sustainable You video blog or vlog…if you will. I hope you enjoy…

2 Failsafe tips for when you’re running on empty

1. Say No. Prioritise the essential and clear out the non-essential. If you’re low on energy the last thing you need is to struggle through. So give yourself permission to move the things that can wait to another day.

2. Nourish yourself. In your new found space make time for you and do some you-stuff. Whether it’s getting some gentle exercise, time in nature, or curling up in bed with a book. Do something that fills you up.

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