Will you exchange 45 minutes of your time in return for a free coaching session?

I’m going back to basics in my work to get a better sense of how I can help and support you and other sustainability professionals in your work and life. To help me I’d love to spend 45 minutes talking with you about your struggles, challenges, hopes, inspiration, motivations, and needs etc. We can arrange the interviews whenever convenient to you and for ease they will take place by telephone.

The coaching session:

To show my sincere gratitude I’d love to offer you a free ‘thank you’ 1-1 telephone coaching session on any topic of your choice (to be arranged for a separate time).


If you work in sustainability / CSR, you’re aged between 25 and 50, and you’re happy to have a chat with me in return for a free coaching session…please get in touch. Click here to contact me or email me at joey@sustainableyou.co.uk

Many, many thanks and I really look forward to hearing from you.

Joey x

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