Make Your Difference Coaching Programme

Making a difference is your calling in this world.

The trouble is sometimes ‘real life’ gets in the way. You know what you want to achieve but you’re scared about stepping up, or maybe you don’t have the clarity you need after all. Whether what you need is to build your confidence, boost your health, create career strategies, improve your relationships, get clarity around your future… Make Your Difference can help you. It’s a flexible coaching programme designed to help you get exactly what you need to move forward, be the best you can be, live a life you love, and make a difference.

The Make Your Difference programme’s main ingredients are a 1 x 90 minute coaching session followed by 7 x 60 minute coaching sessions spread fortnightly over 4 months. These sessions are where all the really awesome exploration happens, but you also get unlimited email access with me in between sessions to give you accountability and that little bit of extra support.

Ready to Make Your Difference…?

It would be such a pleasure to support and work with you as you Make Your Difference. Ready to become part of the Sustainable You community? To book a free 40 minute consultation with me please complete the form below or Contact Me.

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let’s go back to where you are now for a moment

You’re an ambitious soul – you’re keen to keep moving forward in your career and your life. You hate resting on your laurels and wasting time. But it’s no secret that this sector isn’t the easiest to stay afloat in – there are some pretty full-on challenges to wrangle with:

  • It’s a young industry with oodles of opportunities for specialism. Unlike training to be a doctor or a lawyer there’s no clear path of progression or development. Knowing what your next step is and having a clear focus for your career is TOUGH.

  • Communicating your work and getting buy-in from others outside the sustainability world is an ongoing challenge. Sometimes it feels like you’re hitting your head against a brick wall, and at times like these staying upbeat and motivated can be really hard going.

  • You have a feeling that both talking about your work and moving forward in your career would be easier if you felt more comfortable promoting yourself. It’s not that you’re not a confident person, just sometimes you hold yourself back.

  • Your work is so much a part of who you are that switching off when your working day ends is easier said than done. But equally you know that not having those boundaries and down-time is doing you no good at all.

Then there’s the personal side of working in sustainability…

  • Working in a world that not many other people ‘get’ can be isolating. Like swimming the wrong way against a tide of treacle. Especially if you work in an organisation where you ARE the sustainability department.

  • Despite your massive dreams and ideas, stepping up and playing big feels really unbelievably terrifying. You don’t consider yourself a natural leader or there are aspects of your leadership that you feel need a little work. After all… what if you fail???

  • And sometimes it can feel like you know too much. Are we gonna make it through all the challenges we face? When you feel like this you know how important it is that you look after yourself and your own well-being so as not to burn out and go bonkers.

The long and the short of it is that there are some pretty hefty challenges associated with working in the sustainability sector – both personal and professional. And people who don’t work in this field generally don’t get them.

When things have got tough in the past…

…you’ve chatted to friends and family. But the truth is they all want to give you their advice. You love that they care but what’s right for them doesn’t always land with you. Either that or they really don’t know enough about the sustainability world so it all seems a bit irrelevant.

What you would really love is…

…a safe space where you could share your struggles and bash around your ideas without being judged, given more advice or being looked down on. A place where you know whatever you say, and however you are, is fine. No expectation – just listening from someone who ‘gets’ the sector, believes in the cause, and understands the challenges.

It’d be great to create some clarity around where you’re going. Not just in your career but also in your life. What do you really want, what do you need + what do you most desire for yourself?

You also know you’ve really got to start looking after you – getting the basics right – if you’re gonna make this work. You work hard, long hours and what you need is to create some foundations that will keep you well. You’re talking exercise, food, stress… the whole shabang.

Imagine this

Great. So now imagine having that safe, objective space – a place where you can be you whatever the weather. Anything goes: bold and courageous, crazy and fun, or scared and stressed. And tears are okay too – all just part of the journey.

Imagine being able to bring those cannot-do-this-on-my-own problems that you haven’t been able to shift on, and really don’t want to share with your loved ones. And, instead of trying for a quick fix, taking the time to explore, learn, grow and play with the root cause of your issue. So that you can move forward from a place of understanding. Knowing you’ve made a real shift. A transformation.

Now imagine having the opportunity to create a clear picture of how you want your life to be – what you want to be different, more, better… And where there’s a structured approach to helping you make that a reality.

You’re in the right place if you…

  • Are a woman working in the Sustainable Development or CSR field

  • Feel like parts of your working and/or personal life just plain suck right now. This is not how you thought life would be

  • Would love a space to brainstorm, play with solutions, get new perspectives and create some goals and exciting visions for your future

The challenges you currently face may include:

  • Finding your field difficult to navigate… what if you make the wrong decisions…

  • You sometimes struggle to stay motivated and inspired

  • Communicating and getting ‘buy-in’ for your work makes you feel like you’re constantly swimming against the tide

  • Your perfectionist self puts a whole lot of pressure on you to always do your best which means stress is a familiar foe

  • Self-promotion feels boastful and uncomfortable

  • Switching off at the end of the day and having decent boundaries seems impossible

  • Your health, fitness and general wellness aren’t what they could be

  • You know one of the main things holding you back in your life is confidence. There’s a voice in your head that says ‘what if’ every time you’re about to step out of your comfort zone.

Make Your Difference – coaching to help you play big and live well.

Making a difference is your calling in this world. And Make Your Difference is all about… well er… helping you to make your difference.

The trouble is sometimes ‘real life’ gets in the way. You know what you want to achieve but you’re scared about stepping up, maybe you don’t have the clarity you need after all. Whether what you need is to build your confidence, boost your health, create career strategies, improve your relationships, get clarity around your future… Make Your Difference can help you make your difference. It’s a flexible coaching programme designed to help you get exactly what you need to move forward, be the best you can be, live a life you love, and make a difference.

The Make Your Difference programme’s main ingredients are a 1 x 90 minute coaching session followed by 7 x 60 minute coaching sessions spread fortnightly over 4 months. These sessions are where all the really awesome exploration happens, but you also get unlimited email access with me in between sessions to give you accountability and that little bit of extra support.

How the programme works

  • One of the main aims of the programme is to help you to connect to your true self. Your core values, your deepest desires and dreams, your most overwhelming worries. Getting clear about what keeps you small, rocks your world and motivates your buns off will be the basis of a life well lived. Everyone should know this stuff.

  • The sessions take place by telephone and we organise each session at the end of the previous one so timings are flexible.

  • There are 8 sessions held fortnightly over 4 months. After this time you will start to see some major shifts in your life. Many clients decide to continue coaching after this point… some stay for months others just another 2 weeks or so. The average client coaching journey is 6-9 months in all. But ultimately it’s all very personal and we’ll talk about what you need when the time comes.

  • The programme is 4 months – this bit is important. When we start working together we create some goals for our work, like a vision for how you want your life to be in 4 months’ time. Setting a time-frame means you have time to work towards the changes you want to create – Rome wasn’t built in a day after all! From previous experience in this 4-month time frame clients start to see some major shifts in their lives as I’m sure you will too.

  • But… I recognise 4 months is a long time to commit to if coaching is not something you have any experience of. Built into this package is a peace-of-mind clause. If at any time in the coaching you really aren’t getting what you want from it you can walk away – nothing owing and nothing owed.

  • In the sessions themselves you set the agenda (topic) making sure you get the ultimate in tailored personal support. I encourage you to bring a variety of topics because everything in our lives is interconnected. A shift or learning in one aspect of your world is likely to unlock an issue in another area. It’s a kind of magic and it’s really empowering to start to learn unconscious themes and rules you live your life by.

  • All sessions are one-to-one with me, Joey Clifton. I’m a fully trained and certified Life Coach with a background in Sustainable Development. So I get where you’re coming from and I’m pretty good at asking questions. Read more about me here.

  • NB All the work we do together is based on coaching principles and techniques – it is not advice or therapy. If you are looking for someone to give you stock answers or you want a quick fix I’d say coaching probably isn’t for you.

  • The cost of the Make Your Difference 1-1 coaching programme is £200.00 for the first month, and £160 for the other 3 months (£680.00 for the entire 4 month programme). To make this affordable payments are requested monthly in advance – so 4 x monthly payments (as above).

Ready to Make Your Difference…?

It would be such a pleasure to support and work with you as you Make Your Difference. Ready to become part of the Sustainable You community? To book a free 40 minute consultation with me please complete the form below or Contact Me.

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Interested in working with me? Check out some of my client testimonials below!

Philippa Parry

Consultant at Tandem Social (Barcelona)

Joey goes way beyond what I imagined of a coach – I feel I have gained a mentor, guide, and a fearless friend! Working with Joey has helped me gain the perspective and focus I needed to find my feet in new terrain, as well as helping me to read my map of personal and professional relationships better. Joey has helped me gain head-space so I can dedicate my thoughts and attention to the things, people and moments that matter.

Nana Guar

Sustainability Consultant (London)

It’s been just over six weeks since my final session with Joey. She probably thinks I forgot about providing feedback on my experience with her, but I haven’t. :-) The truth is, with any coaching support, I think the best measure of success is whether you can use what you’ve learned to achieve what you set out to achieve, even after the sessions end. And six weeks after being left to my own devices, after the hand holding ended, and after life continued to throw challenges my way, I can honestly say that the support and tools I learned from Joey have been hugely beneficial.

Not only am I able to recognise and counter the negative thoughts and doubts  I had about my abilities, but I now have a renewed strength and confidence to go for my big ambitions. I am refocused about what I want to achieve. I’ve learned how to show up for myself and reject those things that don’t serve my goals. I’ve learned how to reclaim my time and my joy.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first started speaking to Joey but her honest and friendly disposition put me at ease straight away. I found it easy to be open and honest with her. Joey has such a kind spirit and at every session I felt like she was a genuinely advocating for my success – whether she was giving feedback that was difficult to hear or empathising with some challenge I was going through. She’s a great listener and strikes the perfect balance between being friendly and professional. What I found  most valuable was the practical advice that I am able to continue applying every day. I appreciate the 6 months of work that we did (and it was work!), and I’m pleased to say it continues to serve me well.

Emily Alpert

UX Designer in training (London)

Joey and I haven’t worked together long, but her presence in my life has certainly been impactful. Joey came into my life at a time when I was feeling low about my challenges finding employment while on maternity leave. Joey helped me to realize that I have the power to reframe how I view my situation and find the positive and exciting possibilities that lay ahead.
As a coach, Joey is extremely intuitive – a great quality because she was able to push me in ways I didn’t realize I needed to go. While I wanted to be really methodical about how I approached my the process of discovering a new career direction, Joey could tell that I needed to go deeper and challenged me to explore emotional barriers to my progress. Through this introspection, I was able to realize the right opportunity when it presented itself. I also really appreciated Joey’s approach to the coaching relationship, creating both a trusting place to make sure that the time we spent together was for my benefit and the space to change direction if needed.
So if you’re looking for someone to help guide you through a change in your life – or to figure out how to make one – I highly recommend Joey to be your coach.

Kathryn Tomlinson

Social Performance Consultant (Brighton)

I initially approached Joey for coaching because I realised that I had reached a crossroad in my career and that I was looking for change but I was unsure how to make this change happen. There were also a number of aspects in the work that I did, as well as my work set up as an independent consultant and the way that I approached work that were frustrating me and that I wanted to talk through with a professional coach.

Over the period of my coaching sessions with Joey I was able to explore these issues and begin to understand some of the underlying causes of my frustrations. Through Joey’s gentle and patient questions, I started to look at these issues in a different light and understand them from a different perspective, which has been immensely useful in finding practical solutions to some of the things I wanted to change. As a result, I now find myself in a much more positive and exciting place, and I am looking forward to new possibilities ahead in my career. Through her coaching, Joey helped me to come up with my own solutions to some of the challenges I was facing. One of the strengths of Joey’s approach is that she understands how somebody’s sense of fulfilment in their work is also intrinsically tied up with how they feel in other aspects of their life, such as their home life and relationships.

I would highly recommend Joey as a professional coach for people wanting to find practical and concrete solutions to both everyday and bigger work and career issues.

Caroline Watson

Partner, Global Action Plan (London)

Joey is a great listener, but also very focused on practical things the client can do to meet their desired outcomes. She is kind and patient, but not afraid to challenge and push you out of your comfort zone.

I’ve loved working with Joey. She is truly a champion to help you achieve your goals. She’s very flexible in her approach and I really felt she invested in me to help me get the best out of myself.

Through this process I’ve become far more confident in my own abilities, which has transformed my outlook on going to work. I can more clearly recognise the value I contribute and also know how important it is to celebrate achievements. I’ve finally understood the difference between being realistic/self-aware and being a self-saboteur. Joey’s sessions are very pragmatic in finding solutions and not letting me indulge in counter-productive thought processes that undermine my confidence.

Hilden Allgaier

Careers Adviser for Social Impact, Oxford University (Oxford)

Working with Joey in the coaching session was very inspiring and stimulating . We connected very well already in the first session!

It was fundamentally important to the success of the sessions to build trust and empathy. I came across Joey’s work while looking for a new job in the UK. With her help I was able to review my personal and professional values in a way that every single decision in terms of putting energy and focusing on something, needed to be firmly connected with who I am, what I recognise as essential to my happiness and what I can/cannot tolerate. Using a very easy approach to my biggest dilemmas, Joey and I worked together to understand and overcome some of my emotional barriers and re-build an integrated, self-confident and more positive perspective. And with that new perspective, I can better managed my time, focusing on the priorities that matter most – while also having fun in what I do!

Overall, her coaching skills surpassed my expectations. I highly recommend Joey to anyone looking for a big or small change in their careers or personal lives, because in the end of the day we put so much of who we are into our work and it becomes very difficult to separate this from personal endeavours.

Zoe Webber

Architect (London)

Working with Joey has been a wonderfully inspiring and energising experience. I had reached a point in my life where I was totally lost and in need of some positive direction. Initially I was quite sceptical about life coaching but Joey’s fantastically straightforward, honest and genuine approach allowed me to explore what is important to me in my life, and see how I could make small changes which would have a huge effect.
From the very start, exploring the values that would make my life wonderful, in comparison to how I was living life at the time, Joey has been incredibly supportive and positive. She’s  space for me to face whatever I needed to, for me to be wild and creative about the future, and helped me find ways to stop limiting myself. It’s also allowed me space to be grateful for what is amazing in my life now, whilst allowing dreams for the future to have a transformative effect on my life.
It’s hard to describe how much of a positive impact the coaching has had, and how big the leaps and changes in my life have been. It’s been almost a year that we’ve been working together, and I’ve gone from feeling trapped and lonely to feeling like I can steer my life in a direction that makes me really happy.
I really look forward to our coaching sessions. They quite often bring up really surprising things that I hadn’t even realised were an issue, and I leave feeling like the world is a really wonderful place – anyone who can help you to feel like that is a marvellous thing.

Joey’s incredibly positive energy and deep kindness have allowed me space to face some really troubling problems, and find ways to work thorough them. Her courageous and open nature have helped to build an incredibly trusting relationship, where I feel I can discuss, feel and address anything. Joey created a space where I feel totally safe being vulnerable. Her boundless optimism has helped me to build a really strong trust in myself, which was often faltering before. I think I’ve found out more about myself and what matters to me in the last year of working with Joey than the previous 30! It’s been quite the journey and I fully intend to let it continue to enrich my life.
I’m about to jump into some really big changes in my life which a year ago I wouldn’t have even given myself space to consider, let alone commit to. But through this process it’s become clear that there are ways I have been trying to protect myself which are holding me back from being happy – the coaching has made me so much braver about trusting my instincts, which is so exciting!
I’m endlessly grateful to Joey for her support, kindness and courage. I wholeheartedly recommend giving it a try!

Liz Moreton

Talking to Joey on a fortnightly basis has given me structure to think about my life, my work, and how to move forward. Joey’s been fantastic at helping me have the confidence to make change. As well as helping me to mark my successes and work though areas within which I want to make change. It’s been brilliant having someone so patient to really listen and help give me goals to work towards. Since working with Joey I have made a lot of things happen that had been on my to-do list for a long time but I hadn’t given the space to think about how to move them forward.

Alexandra Sturdza

Sustainability Consultant

Joey has coached me for about a year. It’s not just that she met my expectations, she exceeded expectations I didn’t know I had!

Looking back at the past year, I realise the many things she helped me unlock, and how far she helped me go. The results and outcomes of her coaching have gone far beyond what I initially thought I needed coaching for.

Joey has a strong methodology to work with her clients. In addition to her expertise and gentle style, she co-creates the right methodology and approach with each person. So her coaching is bespoke, relevant and fits  her clients.

Joey has been instrumental to the change I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. She has been a trigger, a pillar, a supporter and a champion of that change and its hurdles.

I would strongly recommend Joey. Her professionalism, kindness and bespoke approach make her an asset for everyone looking to make a personal and professional transition.

Wendy Harris

Senior Corporate Partnerships Manager, Leonard Cheshire Disability (London)

Joey is an incredibly talented, kind and supportive coach! She manages to achieve that perfect balance of being gentle and supportive vs motivating and proactive.

I was new to the experience of coaching but this opportunity came about at a very challenging time and I really believe it was meant to be. After reading about Joey’s background and the other testimonials, it felt like this was something I just had to try and I’m so happy that I did!

The coaching with Joey has been such a positive and rewarding experience and I’m sure that I will look back on this in years to come and still see the benefits through what it’s helped me to address, explore and achieve.

Joey has provided the perfect coaching environment to explore ideas, to become more focussed, to identify and take positive steps to bringing about short or long-term change, and to build the excitement that a change in potential direction can bring.

I don’t think I would be where I am now and in a relatively short space of time without the amazing support received from Joey. I would have no doubts in recommending Joey to anyone…just go for it!

Sarah Ellis

Waste Minimisation Co-ordinator, West London Waste Authority (London)

I’ve always found it difficult to talk about how I feel, but with Joey I quickly grew comfortable talking around why I felt as I did and what was holding me back – I felt safe because she listened and she asked me difficult but relevant questions to help me focus on what I really wanted or felt.  I’m really happy with my progress towards the goals I set, though it was hard work facing up to my own beliefs about my abilities and what I should be acknowledging about myself sometimes, I was supported through it and never felt as if I should be doing or being more than I was ready for..

Lisa Henshaw

Associate Director and Head of Charity Services (London)

When I connected with Joey, I wasn’t sure if coaching was the right path for me, but after our first chat, I decided to give it a try. I was feeling frustrated and unsure of what steps to take next but in that first call, Joey’s professional, honest and empathetic approach inspired me to invest in the coaching process.
Working with Joey turned out to be absolutely the right thing to do to help me out of the ‘rut’ I had fallen into. Through our sessions, Joey challenged me to look at myself, my goals and my future from different perspectives. She helped me to open firmly closed doors and discover new options I hadn’t considered previously.  With Joey’s coaching, I learned how to celebrate victories and failures and view everything as an opportunity or learning experience. I  was able to identify the values and strengths that energise me, inspiring me to take action and make a change.

Sofia Latif

Freelance Marketing & Sustainability Communications (London)

Joey has been my own personal fan club – she offers inspiring and supportive coaching, designed to work with your style / personality. Her warmth and energy are infectious, and help to create a space that is easy to work in and that allows you to be open and vulnerable within. I love the way she is so intuitive, whilst bringing positivity to the relationship. You could be having a really bad day, but after a session with Joey you feel like you are walking on clouds. I learnt a lot more about myself through working with her, and have the tools that I need to make the changes in my life that I so desire. She has given me the courage to be the best version of myself, and I will be forever grateful to her. If you are looking for someone to champion your strengths whilst helping you to change your perspective on what you believe are your weaknesses, then look no further. Thanks Joey!

Emili Budell

Programme Coordinator, Business in the Community (London)

Joey is incredibly personable and has a genuine warmth about her that made me feel at ease straight away. In every session, she adapted her approach to my needs and she helped me progress by enabling me to find my own answers and solutions. As a result, I have reconnected with myself, I feel more confident and I think my perspective has become a lot more holistic.


Philippa Ward

Partner, Global Action Plan (London)

Coaching with Joey has been one of the most fruitful pieces of support and development to happen in my working life. She has guided me to tune in to my own way of working, giving me space to think about immediate challenges and distant goals. The effects of my work with Joey have spread more widely than my job and I’m immensely pleased that I decided to get a coach. Joey has, literally, changed my life. Don’t hesitate!

Elle Parsons

Soon to be Potter and Craft Café manager! (Cornwall)

It wasn’t long ago that I didn’t even know what life coaching was let alone think it could benefit me in such a huge, life changing way. If you’d asked me 6 months ago what I would be doing in my life now, I really couldn’t of given you a more different answer. Joey has somehow amazingly enabled me to turn my life around from being stuck in a rut with my career and life in general to pursuing what I only ever thought would be a dream. I cannot recommend life coaching with Joey highly enough to anyone who wants to make a positive change in their life no matter how big or small.

Christina de Poitiers

Career changer (London).

Beginning a new coaching relationship, especially over the phone with someone you have never met, can be daunting but I had nothing to worry about with Joey. From the beginning she put me at ease and I felt like I could talk to her about anything without judgement. I started working with Joey at a point in my career change where I had managed to get lost and I was very confused about everything! Throughout our sessions, Joey helped me to pick myself up and climb out of my little black hole of self doubt and move forwards with my life again. Joey challenged my thinking, turned my negativity into positivity and encouraged me at each step. Each session with Joey is an exciting journey of self discovery and I would recommend Joey to anyone who wants to make a positive change in their life.

Alex Ritchie

Founder and Director, Venn Street Ltd and Alex Ritchie Consulting (London)

Being a trained coach myself, we often forget the benefits of coaching for ourselves. To start with I was a little reticent about telephone coaching as I have only ever done face-to-face coaching in the past. I am a convert! It works perfectly for my busy lifestyle and I often feel that Joey is in my living room with me. Joey has helped me work towards a number of my goals and overcome as many challenges along the way. She constantly challenges me with her quick thinking and yet is understanding and compassionate; I feel as if I’ve known her for years and she allows me to be open and honest about whom I am. I have moved on immensely since we started the sessions and I believe that Joey’s flexibility, perceptiveness and easy, yet challenging nature would work well for most.

Rachael Clay

Director, Ethicore (Oxford).

Joey is such a creative coach, magically balancing sensitivity and challenge.  We have moved so far in just a few sessions, that it feels I have known Joey for years.  But the reality is that Joey listens attentively, challenges incisively and helps channel my energy in the right direction.  Combine that with Joey’s planning and reflection tools, and she really is the coach to help you be sustainable.

Kate Unsworth

Project Consultant, Good Business (London)

Joey is exactly what I was looking for – supportive, challenging and insightful. She’s really got to the  heart of all my ramblings, helping me to put together achievable, everyday steps that are getting me where I want to be – and making sure I do them! I love Joey’s practicality and determination to make things happen for me, she’s a wonderful coach and I can’t recommend her highly enough. 

Jen Collins

Project Manager, Soil Association (Bristol)

Working with Joey has had a more positive impact on my life than I could ever have hoped or imagined. In just three months I’ve come to realise the potential of my own strengths and how best to use them. I feel in control of my own destiny and equipped to deal with whatever life throws at me. I value my friends and relationship more and have a new-found confidence, which I hadn’t even realised I was lacking. I would highly recommend Joey as a life coach to anyone wanting to make a positive change. 

Suzanne Morris

Graphic Designer, Ex Nihilo Creations (Cambridge)

I didn’t have any concerns about working with Joey and I found her personality put me at ease straight away. I have really benefitted from having a dedicated time slot in my week where I can explore the areas of my life where I feel disempowered. Its also been great to create real life tactics to handle situations and deal with specific issues that have been concerning me for a while. I’d recommend Joey because she really listens and she comes up with fast, easy and practical ways to get the desired results.

Jill McCulloch

Co-Active Coach and Trainer, CPCC (Cambridge)

Thank you so much Joey, I love your lightness and yet ability to challenge.  I like your impatience with my gremlin and your expectation of greater things from me! Great intuition and persistent demand for action when I’m genius at being slippery. If you’ve been prevaricating for years and really want to make things happen, Joey is the coach for you.

Clare Eddington

Artist & Educator (Bristol)

I can’t begin to capture what an impact having coaching from Joey has had on me.  From the first session I felt like my true self could arise and begin to lead the life and have the impact I really wanted. The process has spoken deeply to me – mixing imagination, practicalities, the wisdom of my body and heart, healing, and above all, a way to move forward. Joey has guided me in the gentlest and most compassionate way, and this has helped me to be more courageous than I knew I could be. The sessions have been inspirational, emotional, beautiful, full and varied in equal measure. She is very perceptive and I have loved how she has pushed me too, not in a pressurized manner, but with a desire to see me have a joyful life. I know now I can build a sustaining life and be part of realising a sustainable world.

Corrina Gordon-Barnes

Self-Employment and Marketing Coach (Cambridge)

Joey helped me shift on a topic I’ve felt stuck about for ages. She wasn’t afraid to get us out of our chairs and physically move about in the space, which helped shift my energy and get some fresh perspective. I felt she was committed and ‘on my side’, rooting for me, genuinely caring. I took tangible action steps immediately which have brought positive results – and that’s already just from one session.

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