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Have you ever seen the film ‘Yes Man’? It’s about a guy who changes his ways and goes from being someone who says NO in life to being someone who says YES to everything – with awesome consequences.

I love this film – I’m a sucker for anything vaguely silly at the best of times but the fact that Yes Man has humour, a happy ending AND a great moral undertone. What more could a girl want?

Inspired to play

Coming away after watching a movie like this always inspires me to be more playful, to lighten up a bit, and just let it all hang out! But play can be feel a bit compartmentalised. You play tennis, or play a game. You don’t play life.

Spot Beach 1The benefits of play

It seems crazy that we don’t engage more with something that is so obviously good for us – not to mention fun. Playing is so powerful. It energises us, makes us laugh, and enables us to be in our bodies (like Spot here.) And when we’re playing we are totally present, and happy and connected with others. Playing is about being carefree – about using our imagination and tapping into our creativity.

As kids we spend our whole lives playing. We have the most amazing imagination – making up fictional characters, living in our made-up story-lines and embellishing the details of our parallel worlds.  With nothing serious to worry about the whole world is our playground!

And then, somewhere on the road to adulthood most of us get tuned into being serious and letting everything weigh us down. We sorta lose that spark. We only play in allocated slots and the rest of life can get very serious and heavy.

Spot Beach 3Connecting with your playful self

What would it be like to integrate play into our moment – by – moment lives? To skip down the street, to stick a handful of that sticky green plant on to the back of a friend’s jumper, to make snow-angels, and do cartwheels in the sand yelling hazarrr hazarrrr…

To engage with even the most dull jobs (i’m thinking washing up and cleaning the loo) with the same zest with which you played stuck in the mud as a kid.

To inject play, fun, spirit, happiness into life as if every moment is precious and fleeting. Because it is.

What would be different about what you got out of life if what you put in had this level of energy and fun?

Ball’s in your court:  

  • What areas of your life would you love more zing in?
  • What would being more playful give you?


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