Your intentions for a new year

Do you struggle to write goals for yourself in a new year?

Yet you still want to make the most of the changing seasons and the opportunity for reflection?

Perhaps there’s something that feels quite soulful or spiritual about these colder months. The solstice, the new calendar year…and you’d love to mark these significant times. More than that it feels important to take advantage of the newness and the possibilities that this time of year oozes?

Then this blog might just be for you.

Snowy GorseJust like you I really love the reflectiveness of this time of year. I’m inspired by the sleepy natural world and would seriously love to emulate that cold induced slumber in my own home. If only! Hibernation aside though there’s something in the quietness of December and January that feels spacious and peaceful and seems to make way for reflection.

But resolutions feel too crude and cliched to mean anything. In my experience resolutions are usually disappointing anyway – started ambitiously and ended prematurely! The common problem with resolutions is going too big, and maybe also making promises we think we should be making rather than something more resonant.

So this year I changed the game for myself. No great long lists of SMART objectives! Instead I just wanted to create some space to think back over the year I’ve just had. What’s changed and what I’ve created and moved forward with. And also to take some space to be intentional about who I am becoming and what I want for myself in the year ahead.

If this sounds wholesome and useful, then I really hope you enjoy the template below.

Your new year intentions

  1. What have you created / nourished / loved / completed / built / started / explored / emptied / or been a part of in the past year that you’re proud of?
  2. For the year ahead: What are you excited to make / learn / become / complete / improve / visit / grow / step into / release or try for…?

Use the following prompts if it helps:

  • Work / career
  • Relationships
  • Home / personal space
  • Your financial world
  • Personal growth
  • Your life plan
  • Adventure and fun
  • Health + wellbeing

Over to you:

Now it’s your turn, do you love to be intentional at the start of a new year? If so, please share one of your intentions for the year ahead.


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