Is this you?

  • You already work in sustainability and you’ve been in your job for a few years. You’re ready for a change but really struggle to know where you are headed next
  • Your work is a massive part of who you are. At the same time you want + need more space for you and time to enjoy life outside of your job. You have a zest for life that’s being squashed in all this overwhelm and busyness
  • You’d love to feel more confident in who you are and what you’re capable of: to know your strengths + skills, and understand your unique offering
  • Your glass is definitely half full, yet despite your sunny disposition you know you compare yourself and your life to others waaaay too much. You’d love to be feel more self-assured in your own path without always looking over your shoulder

And in turn…

You know that having more clarity, direction, better boundaries + more confidence would mean you could have a bigger impact in this world.

So stick around

As a starter for ten the Honesty-Pod blog is packed full of inspiration and ideas on exactly these challenges. I hope you enjoy.

Joey x

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