What coaching is really like: A coaching journey from a client’s perspective

Coaching can be quite an illusive, unknown quantity if you’re new to it. But the benefits can be quite profound. Here Tessa, a Sustainable You Client, has shared the insights and experience of her coaching journey. Tessa is a Project Manager based in Istanbul.

Tell us a little about yourself – what was happening in your life that you needed support with at the time you started being coached?

I started coaching with Joey at a time of confusion, uncertainty and frustration in my life. The main areas I felt unease revolved around my long-term (and long-distance) relationship as well as the area of finance and employment.

Who introduced you to the idea of coaching and what made you think “I’ll give it a go?”

I coincidentally found Joey’s advert via a mailing list for people working in CSR.  I found it great to be able to talk to her at no cost for 30 minutes in order to find out if we clicked and what she had to offer. As it was free of charge I thought to myself: “I have nothing to lose and everything to gain”. And this was true. I had previous coaching experience, which happened rather sporadically (maybe once or twice every other year).

What did you expect / hope to get from being coached?

I hoped to get out of my stagnation. That is why when we stated our coaching process I was completely open towards Joey guiding me.

Gratitude DiaryWhat has the coaching experience been like for you as a whole?

It was a very successful time. I had the determination to move forward in my life and I really did. With Joey’s guidance I was able to get at the root of my stagnation. The coaching process works best when clients bring topics with them before each session. During the session it is vital to stay open minded and to trust the process (while at the same time of course being able to say “stop” if anything feels uncomfortable). After sessions it is important to keep working on the issues alone. It is actually where I think the “real” work is being done. With Joey’s guidance via email this process has been very successful for me.

How would you describe coaching to someone who has no idea about it or is unsure?

I would describe coaching as “wellness for the soul”. I see it this way: It is nice to get massages. I love them. Every now and then I go to a massage therapist or wellness center and just enjoy a massage and feel uplifted and amazing afterwards. It is the same with coaching. When I feel strong tension inside I contact a good coach that I can trust. During the process it sometimes aches and then the tension relaxes. Afterwards I feel amazing and light and happy that I cared for my own well-being.

Can you tell us a little about your coaching journey / the process?

The coaching process for me was like peeling an onion. In the beginning I only saw the first layer of the problem (the surface) and could not make anything out of it. When Joey and I dived together into the process actively – week by week – I pealed more and more layers off and could get to the core of the onion, which basically represents the root of the issues I worked on. What I find most fascinating is that even though we worked on seemingly unrelated issues there was a core theme underlying to all of them.

What have been the benefits of it – how do you feel you have changed?

I got to know myself better by diving closer to the core of me. I feel more empowered. I am happier and more joyful. I moved a step forward in my life. I am at a new place where I can correspond to things coming my way in a different manner. I feel more secure in myself and also strong.

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 20.53.01Have you experienced any wonderful surprises as a result of the work you’ve done through coaching?

Definitely – There were many surprises. I thought my circumstances need to change in order for me to be joyful. I realized that I can be joyful right here and now. I do not have to wait. I gave myself permission to enjoy life NOW. And once I felt this aliveness things changed without effort and almost automatically. It was a wonderful surprise.

You’ve been being coached for 4 months now – what’s next for you on this journey?

This is a good question. I am curious what else life will bring to me. It is nice and comforting to know that Joey is there to be contacted. She is such a great person. I felt she was my cheerleader and lifting me up. At the same time she was honest during the process and told me her honest views on the issues at hand.

What else would you like to share?

Coaching is successful when people are proactively working on their issues together with Joey.

And finally, what’s been the biggest learning / change / best thing to come out of this process for you?

I found a really cool job.

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