Changing jobs and don’t know where to start

Maybe it’s a choice and you’ve decided it’s time for the next challenge. Or maybe it’s been necessitated by a shift in your circumstances or organisation. Either way, changing jobs can be a minefield. Here you are, stood face to face with the need to be proactive and make some decisions and you’re about as stuck as you’ve ever been.

“I don’t know where to start” is what keeps rolling over in your head.

The more you say it to yourself, the more you believe you just haven’t the first clue where to begin. And the more perpetually stuck you feel.

Having spent quite a lot of time in this space myself, and having coached numerous people dealing with the same challenge, I wanted to share some insights. Here’s my top 3 pointers for moving forward:

  1. What you focus on expands. The trouble is – the more you tell yourself you don’t know where to start, the more it’s true: What you focus on expands. Endlessly thinking “I don’t know where to start” is a sure fire way to stay totally stuck. So it’s time to change your focus and expand a different perspective for yourself. Even if you don’t believe it at first start by changing the story. What about trying on “I know I can figure it out”, instead? If you repeat this anything like as much as you’ve been entertaining “I don’t know where to start” you’ll be moving in no time.
  2. It’s a process, not a destination. But even once you’re moving, you can’t expect to have the perfect answer straight off. This isn’t instant custard and you can’t just add hot water. Consider this as a process and take your time to explore what you want and need. Give yourself permission to make decisions and explore without having a definite outcome. Viewing any challenge as a process encourages you to enjoy the moment to moment and not put so much pressure on the end result. Way more enjoyable and always more fruitful.
  3. Start small. The trouble with “I don’t know where to start” is it totally undermines you. Maybe you don’t know everything, so start with what you do have. Maybe you know you need to make space for this so put some time aside or put on hold some other responsibilities. Maybe you know what Starting smallyou don’t want – and trust me what you don’t want is a great launch point to what you do want. The point is, don’t get so lost in what you can’t do that you forget what you can do. Ideas breed ideas so just start writing and once your creativity is flowing again you’ll be amazed by how much you do know. 

Over to you.

So what are you waiting for. I know you’ll figure it out if you believe you can, consider it a process and start small. My partner always says keep it simple stupid. While I don’t like the phrase I like sentiment. Good luck!

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