Breaking routines: making time for you

The end of a long and totally gorgeous summers day here in Cornwall and I was off to look after my friends kids at their temporary home: a tipi in the middle of a field with no running water, electricity or a toilet. I’d never been to see them ‘in location’ before and it felt like an adventure. That, and I was pretty curious too – how do they cook, where do they store their food, how much space do they have…

Hacky SacksMy taste of their life was pretty mind-blowing: A tiny little field with freshly cut hay surrounded by gnarly old Oak trees. Through a window in the foliage the sun melted over the hills beyond. Nothing but birds and the odd distant cow to be heard.

As dusk fell, I sat outside providing a sumptuous meal for the local mossies, pretending to juggle, and being totally sucked in by the outrageous view.


Breaking routines

The reason for telling you this little ditty is that I get how hard it can be to make chill out time. Normal everyday routines are so jam packed and there is always something that needs doing around the house, for your kids or partner or friends, a place to be, something you’ve committed to for work…the list goes on.

The long and the short of it is that it’s pretty easy to get to the end of the day and have had no friggin’ time whatsoever for you. I mean what the heck?!

You’ve probably got this from me now – I go on about it enough – but time for yourself to recharge, to chill, to nourish is really, really essential. And when there is no time that’s when stress, overwhelm, illness, anxiety, unhappiness and general dissatisfaction and resentment start a knockin’.

So, normal routines rarely feature you-time. Yet we know it’s mega important. Surely something’s gotta change?

And this is exactly what moved me about my tipi-time. It was like there was a whole world of space – nothing to do but chill. And what made THAT possible was breaking my routine and doing something different – really different, i.e no power.

A new approach to making time for you

Chill out time in the diaryThe thing is, that there are so many great things in our lives but we’re all pretty good at being unrealistic with our time and feeling guilty for saying no.

This new approach to making time for you is all about breaking your routine! Don’t try to squeeze a little ten minutes in here or over there. Shake it up.

  • Clear a space in your diary – a proper chunk of time a whole evening ideally.
  • If you’re thinking ‘dream on, a whole evening?!’ Then what I say to you is make it happen! Where there is a will there is a way.
  • In the new space write in “chill out time”
  • And then give yourself permission to play. Go out, do something different, break your routines, do those things you’ve been wanting to do for a while. Most importantly though recharge, be nourished and have fun.

Over to you

Recharging is a totally non-negotiable part of life. But something a lot of us could be a lot better at. So book time for yourself in your diary. Stick to it. And do something for you. What will you do??? Leave a comment below or come on over to our Facebook page and join in the convo.


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