Behind The Business

Behind the business it’s just me (at the moment) and I’m Joey. Hi! I’m a Certified Professional Co-active Coach (CPCC), trained by the wonderful Coaches Training Institute, and I have been qualified since 2011. I have a Masters in Leadership for Sustainable Development, and have also worked for a number of different organisations including Climate Bridge, the NHS, the Countryside Restoration Trust, The Better Food Company, Sustrans…to name a few. I have also volunteered for The Soil Association, The National Trust, and Greenpeace. It took me a long time to figure out what I wanted to do (and is how I came to coaching!).

What is Co-active Coaching?

  • In short, this means that I coach holistically and I encourage you to bring your whole life to our work. Which is important because everything in our lives is intricately interconnected – even challenges that don’t in anyway seem to be.
  • The co-active coaching way is also deeply immersive in that it taps into our range of senses for information and to help you fully experience life as it is now, but also life as you want it to be.
  • It is a powerful emotional, physical and intellectual experience that will undoubtedly increase your self-awareness. And, by bringing your whole self into the fold, the change we create is both more resonant and more sustainable because it’s come from you.
  • When you work with me you should know that I believe that anything is possible.
What’s great here is that coming to coaching through sustainability means that I bring an understanding, knowledge and empathy of the challenges you are experiencing to the coaching process. I am also passionately committed to making a difference and being a positive influence which, for me, feels like it aligns us before we’ve even spoken!

When I’m not running my business

…You’re likely to find me in my garden growing veggies – I have a dream to create a haven of wildlife and self sufficiency, one day! I also love yoga, learning to cook beautiful vegetarian food, and walking Spot on the cliff paths of Cornwall.

 What’s next?

From here I’d love to share some inspiration I think will help you. Sign up to the Sustainable You blog now to receive occasional resources and ideas that will make you feel more connected and empowered ready to Make Your Difference. I look forward to seeing you there!

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